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Bwindi-Impenetrable national park: Gorilla trekking in Uganda

The 331 sqk big Bwindi-Impenetrable National Park exists since 1991 in the southwest of Uganda. In altitudes of about 1.160 - 2.600 m (3.800-8.500 ft) it is the most opulent in plant species. Here are more then 160 different trees, of which are 10 species only exist in Uganda. As opulent is the Bwindi-Impenetrable National Park regarding animals (more then 120 mammals). Hardly any other region in Africa can shine with such a plentifulness of nature, which was honoured by the UN with the title "UNESCO World Heritage". The name is derived from the almost impenetrable dense haulm-, shrub and bush vegetation.

Since more than half of the estimated worldwide 600 mountain gorillas live here, the Bwindi-Impenetrable National Park is worldwide the par excellence destination for gorilla trekking. Chosen tracks lead to the population, of which some groups have become accustomed to being observed by humans. Disturbances by gold diggers and poachers are diminishing the prospects of a successful observation again and again, because the apes prefer to hide in the dense jungle. Therefore, marches on foot over hours in small groups are demanding discipline, good health and stamina.

Allthough it is raining often in April/May and October/November you should visit the Bwindi-Impenetrable National Park whenever you can get a limited permission for gorilla trekking. There are noumerous safari tour operators in Kampala who organsie gorilla trekkings in Uganda. In our database we have listed the contact information from about 100 companies.

In Buhoma, the starting point of your tour, there are simple, small huts and camping facilities. Bookings should already be made in Kampala. A few specialised safari promotors have further accommodations. And additionally, there are further hotels expecting you in 120 km distant Kabale. In future more hotels will be added to out database.

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