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List of all picture galleries

  • Entebbe - Your entry to Uganda (21 pictures)
    Galerie Entebbe - Your entry to Uganda anzeigen You will get to know Entebbe when you enter the country, because the international airpot is located here. Entebbe is located on a peninsula and is surrounded from Lake Victoria on three sides and has 56.000 inhabitants.

  • Hoima th the African Rift Valley (10 pictures)
    Galerie Hoima th the African Rift Valley anzeigen You will find Hoima with 30.000 inhabitants in the northeastern part of Uganda in the near of Lake Albert (African Rift Valley). Most of the visitors just pass Hoima on their way to Masindi or Fort Portal, or they stay for a night in one of the acceptable hotels. But nevertheless there are some attraction you will find around Hoima.

  • Jinja - Source of the Nile at Lake Victoria (61 pictures)
    Galerie Jinja - Source of the Nile at Lake Victoria anzeigen Jinja has got around 90.000 inhabitants and besides Kampala it is the most important commercial town. You will not only find the source of the Nile, but you can also enjoy bunjee jumping, rafting, golf, the nature or you start a tour on Lake Victoria.

  • Kampala - The Ugandan capital (125 pictures)
    Galerie Kampala - The Ugandan capital anzeigen Originally located on only seven hills, nowadays with 1.3 Mio inhabitants Kampala is by far bigger. Since the 80th the capital of Uganda is developing very well, why it is known as one of the most beautiful cities of Africa.

  • Kumi (24 pictures)
    Galerie Kumi anzeigen With 9.000 inhabitants the small city Kumi is located between Lake Kyoga and Mount Elgon in the eastern part of Uganda. From here you reach quickly the Nyero rock paintings or the small Lake Bisina. Contrary to all expectationses you will find some small but entirely nice hotels.

  • Lake Mburo National park (37 pictures)
    Galerie Lake Mburo National park anzeigen Lake Mburo national park has 260 sq km pure nature and is well known because of the plenitude of antelopes. Further 14 small lakes and widespread swamps make up a very versatile landscape.

  • Mabira Forest (12 pictures)
    Galerie Mabira Forest anzeigen You pass the Mabira Forest Reserve on your way from Kampala to Jinja. With 300 square km it is the biggest secondary forest in the north of Lake Victoria. A lot of footpaths invite you for long walks and hiking. You will experience more than 200 different plant species, 200 butterfly species of some monkeys. Spend a night in the luxuary brand-new "Rain Forest Lodge Mabira"..

  • Mbale in the eastern part of Uganda (21 pictures)
    Galerie Mbale in the eastern part of Uganda anzeigen With 75.000 inhabitants Mbale is located in the eastern part of Uganda at the border to Kenya. Many tourists start theis tours to Mount-Elgon national park from here.

  • People (31 pictures)
    Galerie People anzeigen Please, do not hurry from attraction to attraction in your air conditioned 4 wheel drive. Take your time to meet people on the street, especially out of the bigger towns. You will be cordially received everywhere by very friendly Ugandans.

  • Murchison Falls national park (39 pictures)
    Galerie Murchison Falls national park anzeigen With 3.877 square km the Murchison Falls nationalpark is the biggest park in Uganda. You will find more than 70 animal species and more the 460 (!) different bird species here. The Murchison falls are sensational, and on a boat trip on the nile you are eyeball to eyeball with hippos and crocodiles.

  • Natur (53 pictures)
    Galerie Natur anzeigen Uganda will present you a variety of very different landscapes: from fertile agricultural scences to rain forests and dry savannas. Just Open your eyes and enjoy Africa!

  • Ndere Troupe (12 pictures)
    Galerie Ndere Troupe anzeigen The Ndere-Troupe is an internationally known groupe of dancers, singers and musicians, which conserve the traditions and the originally cultures of Uganda. Only some kilometers from Kampala in the nothern direction you will find them in the Ndere Center. Listen to original african rhythms and sounds, especially at the weekends. (

  • Nyero Rock Paintings (20 pictures)
    Galerie Nyero Rock Paintings anzeigen You will find the rock paintings in Nyero in three caves which are close to each other. The paintings are 300 - 1.000 years old and belong to the best conserved in East Africa.

  • Nyero (8 pictures)
    Galerie Nyero anzeigen Nyero is the village at the rock paintings. Al little bit in the middle of nowhere, hot and dry.

  • On the road (58 pictures)
    Galerie On the road anzeigen One good advice from us: Better you travel Uganda slowly with patience and you take your time for the special. Because opposed for example to Kenya you can experience the "original" Africa in Uganda very well. And this picture is drawn best on its streets.

  • Queen-Elisabeth national park (33 pictures)
    Galerie Queen-Elisabeth national park anzeigen The Queen-Elisabeth national park isthe second largest in Uganda (1.978 square km). In the near of the frontier to Kongo in the west of Uganda there are countless possibilities to explore the African nature. It is strongly recommended make a boat trip on the 33 km long Kaziga channel, which connects Lake Edward and Lake George. More than 600 bird species and - of course - elephants, hippos and crocodiles are waiting.

  • Sipi Falls (6 pictures)
    Galerie Sipi Falls anzeigen The Sipi falls are located on Mount-Elgon in the eastern part of Uganda. In all they consist of three single falls, and at the letter the water falls around 100 meters down.

  • Soroti (11 pictures)
    Galerie Soroti anzeigen Soroti is located in the east of Uganda and has around 40.000 inhabitants. The climate ist more or less dry and hot and the vegetation is a typical savannasince there are some nice apartments and hotels you stay and start some tours from here, for example to Mount-Elgon national park, to the Sipi-Falls or to the Nyero-Rock-Paintings.

  • Uganda National Museum (50 pictures)
    Galerie Uganda National Museum anzeigen The Uganda National Museum is located in the north of the capital Kampala. You will find a lot of treasures of the Ugandan culture, tradition, and history. The exhibits touch themes like ethnology, agriculture, hunt, war, religion, and other.

  • Wildlife Education Center (25 pictures)
    Galerie Wildlife Education Center anzeigen The Wildlife Education Center in Entebbe was founded to show tourist and also the Ugandans how the wild animals in the country live in their natural habitats. Once in Entebbe it is must in your schedule.

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