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Entebbe - Entrance door to Uganda

Innenstadt von Entebbe, UgandaEntebbe is a small town with 60.000 inhabitants. In contrast to Kampala, life here is more relaxed and therefor always worth a day trip. This is also well known to the citizens of Kampala, who like to choose Entebbe and its surroundings as a weekend trip.

The name Entebbe is derived from Luganda and means "Seat" or "Chair". Legend has it that in the past there was a place here, where legal disputes were sorted among locals and that the judge took his seat on a chair made out of stone.

Entebbe is located on a peninsula on Lake Victoria and therefor surrounded by water on three sides. One reason for the pleasent local climate. Until the year of Uganda´s independence in 1962 Entebbe was the capital. Even today a few governmental departments are located here.

The town itself, at an altitude of 1.158m, by and large consists only of one main road. But it is worth to point out a few colonial houses which are still very pretty.

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A few attractions

Botanischer Garten in Entebbe, Uganda

Botanic Garden

Almost 3 of exotic flora. Intented as a research area to introduce exotic fruits and ornamental plants when created in 1898.

Chimpansen im Wildlife Education Centre von Entebbe, Uganda

Uganda Education Wildlife Center

Founded in 1920 it was intented as a small resort for wounded and orphaned animals and developed into a 30 hectare big park. Numerous animals are here introduced to visitors in their natural habitat. Not to be missed!

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Clubhaus am Golfplatz in Entebbe, Uganda

Entebbe Club

By pleasent temperatures you can have a few shots. For holidaymaker there is the possibility of a short membership.

Chimpanzees on Ngamba Island

On Ngamba Island waits a treat especially for friends of primates: A walk with chimpanzees. However, this enterprise has to be prepared at home with a lot of vaccinations: Hepatitis A+B, measles ( vaccination record or antibodies as a blood result ), meningococcal meningitis (A,C,W,Y), polio, tetanus, yellow fever and a negativ tuberculosis test. All vaccinations have to be 2 weeks old, which will be checked.

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Strand am Viktoriasee in Entebbe, Uganda

Beach at Lake Victoria

That is also possible: A relaxed day at the beach.

Windsor-Lake Hotel in Entebbe, Uganda

Windsor Lake Victoria Hotel

Allegedly the best accommodation in Uganda, it radiates the charm of colonial times. A big renovation and enlargment was in progress to begin of 2008.

It is appointed with pool, bars, restaurant, wellness area and conference room. Comfort, which has a price.

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