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Modern Uganda - Times of advancement

Yoweri Museveni, Uganda Museveni inherited a difficult situation. But he was up to the task right from the start. The key for his success was to persue a policy of "National Reconciliation". The NRA was transformed into a party called National Resistance Movement, the army declared a National Army.

He implemented a government regardless of religion or ethnic groups and placed emphasis on local political participation. He established law and order, the freedom of the press was extended and exiled asians were allowed to came back. Under Museveni Uganda found new contact to the international community, investment started to flow and even tourism started up again.

In 1993 the kingdoms Bugunda, Toro and Bunyoro were allowed to exist, in 1995 the first Ugandian constitution was established, which limits the time a president is allowed in office to five years and a maximum of two terms. Finally, in 1996, the first presidential election took place, which Museveni won with 70% of the votes. At the subsequent parliamentary election, mainly members of the NRM won.

Apart from the NRM no other parties were allowed. The reason given for this was the fear that parties would destroy the unity of the country. But the election was open for individuals and everybody was allowed to candidate for parliament.

The economic recovered and by adherence to the obligations set by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, trust were established again and investment created a economical growth rate in double figures.

City of Kampala, UgandaThe next parliamentary and presidential elections took place in 2001 and Museveni was confirmed in office. But there were irregularities during the election and beforehand, which was critizised nationally and internationally.
Since according to the constitution his second term would have been his last, Museveni wanted to change the constitution. At the same time he was forced under international pressure to hold a referendum whether to establish a multi-party system or not.

In summer 2005, 90% voted in favor of a multi-party system. Because the parliament agreed to change the constitution, Museveni was allowed to stand again for election a third time and won with a narrow margin of 60% of the votes, in 2006.

Democray in the year 2010: Uganda on 42th rank

In the transformation index of the Bertelsmann foundation Uganda was in 2008 on rank 8 from all African countries. In the world Uganda is on 42th position - still increasing. This shows that Uganda is on a good way since many years.

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