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Car hire in Uganda

Please note: Food, accommodation and additional expenses (tips, entry, fees etc) are often ridiculously inexpensive. Spend the saved money on a good car, preferably with an ugandan driver. That leaves you safari still affordable and you avoid any trouble.

On your individually planned journey a reliable car - preferably with a reliable driver - is the key to a successful stay in Uganda. Please budget a major part of your money on that. An european standart off-road vehicle will cost you easily between 80 and 120 US$ per day.

We show on our database the providers in Kampala which offer off-road vehicles and street cars. For most of them applies:

  • A lot of cars can be hired only with drivers. The price is then inclusive.
  • At most providers the price differs between the use inside or outside Kampala. That means for a safari in one of the national parks you will pay more then for the use of a car inside the capital.

A driver can really be an advantage. He brings you savely from one place to the other and you can enjoy your holiday and relax. This is especially true if you are not used to left-hand traffic.

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