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Uganda - More than a safari in Africa!

Sonnenaufgang am Viktoriasee in Jinja, Uganda

Uganda is perfect for an adventure in Africa. The land is safe, the people are friendly and to experience the nature is awesome. There are numerous good places to stay and last but not least there are cheap flights available. So what you are waiting for?

The team from "" have done research locally - to find the best hotels, travel agencies and car rentals. "" enables you to have direct access to the contact details of our recommendations. Inform yourself at ""

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In our PREMIUM database you will find reliable tour operators specialised in Uganda. Whether for a group tour, private trip or as an individual travel, you will find your ideal Uganda expert here.

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Mountain Gorillas in Uganda

Mountain Gorillas: Mother with babyThe Mountain Gorillas are without any doubt one of the most famous attractions in Uganda. Solely in Bwindi national park in Uganda live nearly the half of all Mountain Gorillas worldwide. Nowhere else you can get closer to them as on a Gorilla safari. Your gorilla trekking will be an unforgettable adventure.

Gorilla safaris & gorilla trekking in Uganda

Murchinson-Falls national park in Uganda

Nile crocodile in Murchison Falls national parkThe Murchinson-Falls National Park is the largest of all National Parks in Uganda. On over 3.900 sq km awaits you everything you would imagine Africa has to offer: Lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, hippos and so on. About 80 species of mammals and more than 400 different birds live here in a breathtaking landscape.

Murchison Falls in Uganda

Queen-Elisabeth National Park

Antelopes in Queen-Elisabeth national parkOnly half as big as the Murchinson-Falls National Park, but with more variety in landscape, is the Queen-Elisabeth National Park. On almost 2,000 sq km you will find grass savannhas, open bushland, lake-, river-, and volcanic landscapes as well as wetlands, all in close vicinity. Because of that, the wildlife is as well diverse.

Queen-Elisabeth national park

Country & people: General information about Uganda

House built of red clay near Jinja, UgandaUganda is not well known as a travel destination. Why is that? What offers a safari in Uganda? We know the country and the people and we offer you on "" everything about

  • Landscapes - from rainforests and dry savannahs up to the glaciers in the high mountains
  • History and politics - from kingdoms and colonial times to the present presidential democracy
  • Economy - agriculture and industries
  • Climate - tropical heat and ice in the high mountains
  • Population - ethnic groups, age distribution, languages
  • Education - puplic schools, missionary - and private schools, universities
  • Religions - catholic, protestant,muslim
  • Sport - King Soccer
  • Numbers and facts - in comparison to Germany and the US

Uganda is not yet well know as travel destination. Where is is located? What can I expect on a safari in Uganda? We have collcted the most important information about Uganda.

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